Friday, January 31, 2014

A Very Merry Hormonal Christmas...

We are fortunate to have a Californian couple with whom we are friends that are currently stationed in Italy with the Navy. The wife had been homesick and is also pregnant so we all decided to spend Christmas together here in Santander Spain... 

That's right folks...TWO hormonal, homesick chicas under the same roof during the holidays! Surprisingly there were no tears! Just lots of laughter and a few odd food combinations (ie eggnog and homemade tortillas, apple fritters and egg rolls etc.)
During our time together we explored the craggy coast of this gorgeous country... Stopping at the quaint little coffee shop next to the light house for some delicious fried calamari and cafe con leche (I told you there were some weird food combos in there!) 

 And to think at first I was pretty bummed out to be missing another Christmas season with my family in California, but in the end I was reminded to seize the adventure that is my life!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can you understand me yet?

So I know I haven't really introduced myself to all of you but I figure you'll get to know me pretty quickly- I typically struggle with filtering, as in I really don't have one! So stick around and you'll probably learn a bit more than you wanted about me...

I am in my 28th week of pregnancy right now with my first baby and like any other crazy, hormonal, big bellied mama-to-be I have had my share of uncomfortable symptoms and unfulfilled cravings. What makes my situation "unique" is that I am an American currently living and working in Northern Spain, making some of the daily pregnancy encounters a bit of an "adventure." By the word "adventure" I mean at times frustrating, hysterical, ridiculous, tear-inducing or just down right confusing.
My sweet little guy!

For example, communicating with the doctor- sounds simple enough, right? Well when you have six months of Spanish lessons under your belt, zero medical vocabulary and a billion questions about all of the crazy changes that are taking place in your body... Welllll, lets just say it makes things...interesting. I like to stop and reflect after a particularly difficult appointment what our interactions must sound like to an observer. I think it would go something like this:
Doctor: "Ok Summer, everything is looking just fine, do you have any questions."
Me: "Yes, I not sleep. I no comfortable. Me belt hurt me in night."
Doctor: "Belt?"
Me (While pointing to my hips): "Here, it hurt here."
Doctor: "Yes, that's normal. Don't worry about that, any other questions?"
Me: "There are breast classes, classes to learn me to eat my baby?"
Doctor: "Yes- let me give you information about breast feeding classes..."

And on and on we go- How this man manages not to pull out his hair or die laughing is beyond me!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Third time is the charm...right?

I'll admit it... This is my third- yes third attempt at beginning a blog!!! Sheesh! I've heard the definition of insanity and I think my actions are dangerously close to it! Well here is to hoping for a different outcome...

A little about my motivation for this third time around- I really don't lead a life where I am at liberty to give out advice, tell captivating stories or even provide recipes that will leave you in awe. However; here I am before an audience of whoever will listen- ready to just be transparent! I am looking to just record some of these random thoughts floating about in my head, to jot down my day's frustrations or triumphs and the yes I just might post the occasional recipe (because what blog is complete without one?) If just one other person out there has a moment of connection with my transparency then I will consider this attempt a success. If my words, feelings on subjects or occasional recipes offend you- then get over it and don't allow me to waste your time... After all, time is precious!