Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Third time is the charm...right?

I'll admit it... This is my third- yes third attempt at beginning a blog!!! Sheesh! I've heard the definition of insanity and I think my actions are dangerously close to it! Well here is to hoping for a different outcome...

A little about my motivation for this third time around- I really don't lead a life where I am at liberty to give out advice, tell captivating stories or even provide recipes that will leave you in awe. However; here I am before an audience of whoever will listen- ready to just be transparent! I am looking to just record some of these random thoughts floating about in my head, to jot down my day's frustrations or triumphs and the yes I just might post the occasional recipe (because what blog is complete without one?) If just one other person out there has a moment of connection with my transparency then I will consider this attempt a success. If my words, feelings on subjects or occasional recipes offend you- then get over it and don't allow me to waste your time... After all, time is precious!

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