Friday, January 31, 2014

A Very Merry Hormonal Christmas...

We are fortunate to have a Californian couple with whom we are friends that are currently stationed in Italy with the Navy. The wife had been homesick and is also pregnant so we all decided to spend Christmas together here in Santander Spain... 

That's right folks...TWO hormonal, homesick chicas under the same roof during the holidays! Surprisingly there were no tears! Just lots of laughter and a few odd food combinations (ie eggnog and homemade tortillas, apple fritters and egg rolls etc.)
During our time together we explored the craggy coast of this gorgeous country... Stopping at the quaint little coffee shop next to the light house for some delicious fried calamari and cafe con leche (I told you there were some weird food combos in there!) 

 And to think at first I was pretty bummed out to be missing another Christmas season with my family in California, but in the end I was reminded to seize the adventure that is my life!

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