Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice Cream Anyone?

Oh Heartburn! How is it possible to get that horrible burning sensation from the depths of your stomach up to the top of your throat from a slice of toast?! I blame my ever expanding uterus! Because there is no way that my perfect baby boy is responsible! 

I have tried a little of everything, yogurt, milk, tums, not eating anything acidic- and frankly the one thing that can bring a little relief is ICE CREAM! Yummmmm! But yet another complication of living in another country is finding that perfect flavor that matches the expectations you have in your head. All I have wanted for the past three weeks has been a bowl of strawberry ice cream- the good stuff! Not the kind that tastes fake or overly sugary- just good stuff with chunks of berries... So after searching store after store and coming up empty hand or unwilling to pay the nine bucks for a tiny container, I gave up! 

But after yet another bout of heartburn this afternoon I took to my fridge and pinterest to see what I could come up with... Scrounging up the leftover strawberries from breakfast this morning and splash of cream left from fondue night last week, I mashed it all up with a bit of vanilla, some milk and a couple spoonfuls of sugar. I poured the beautiful liquid into a doubled up ziplock bag, threw it into a giant ziplock bag filled with ice and salt and shook it until I couldn't take it anymore! I then tossed the ziplock bag filled with that now firm wonderful mixture into the freezer to firm up a bit more. 45 minutes later I had this:

Heck yeah! Strawberry ice cream get in my belly!!!

The moral of today's story is this: When heartburn strikes eat some ice cream! 

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