Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surprising occurrences during my pregnancy thus far...

I've read the blogs, the books, the daily tips from my apps and heard the stories from friends who have already walked the path. However; nothing prepared me for some of the random happenings that I have experienced thus far:
My Palmer's allergic reaction!
  1.  The ability to smell someone's morning breath from 12 feet away.
  2. My inability to properly shave the outside of just my left calf once I hit 26 weeks.
  3. Going pee and then two minutes later sneezing and somehow managing to pee my pants!
  4. Having an allergic reaction from Palmer's stretch mark prevention cream and thinking the itching was my belly stretching so slathering the said itching belly with more cream.
  5. Artichoke dip tastes horrible the second time around, however bananas- they manage to taste the same coming up or going down.
  6. Oh delicious German mustard!
  7. Once the nausea subsided after four solid months, never wanting to taste another cracker again.
  8. That even bread will leave you with furious bouts of heartburn.
  9. That after brushing my teeth I would have heartburn from the toothpaste (I swear I don't eat the stuff!!!) 
  10. Snapping the seam on my favorite Victoria Secret "Seamless" underwear... I guess my booty is expanding more than I realized! 
  11. Finally having a booty for the first time in my life!
  12. The now engrained obsession with having a plastic bag on me at all times for cases of PDV (aka Public Displays of Vomiting.)
  13. My pocket which always contained my favorite tube of MAC lip glass now shares the space with a tube of extra spicy German mustard, that stuff is good on everything!
I am a rookie at this whole thing and let's face it, I am only 28 weeks in! I guess the moral of the story is that like my belly this list will continue to grow...

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