Monday, February 3, 2014

Language Blunder...

Learning a new language is always difficult, frustrating, tear jerking, heart wrenching, brain draining and let's face it- during the learning process we have all wished for a magical button in the middle of your forehead that you could just push and...Ta Da!!! Know it all!

But then when standing in the grocery store and a sweet old lady with fading eye sight walks up to you asking you to compare ingredients on the back of two packages of cheese and let her also know the serving sizes of each- well by george! I think things are starting to click! Ha! You knew what she just said!!! But then refraining from the happy dance you politely use the third person and a thick accent and butcher your way through the questions she asked, I think just leaving her a little more confused in the process- but hey you gave this lady her laugh for the day! Just another day of language learning!

In Spain for less than 24 hours and eating a Thanksgiving dinner.
When my hunny and I first arrived in Spain we were in state of knowing what I refer to as negative zero Spanish... We had spent the last three years of our life cramming in the Modern Greek language and suddenly we were transported to another land where we understood nothing and upon opening our mouth only Greek would come out. However, we were not without kind colleagues who graciously extended an invitation to a belated Thanksgiving dinner with some of their Spanish friends. So there we were surrounded by about 35 sweet Spaniards, us not having been in the country more than 24 hours yet, my brain fried, my tummy all confused when suddenly we were put on the spot. "Summer would you like to share anything you are thankful for?" I stood up in front of the crowd and rattled off a few items finishing with "and I am so grateful to have a super hot husband!" Then I heard the translating go on and finish with "y Greg es un hombre magnifico" what???? So I stood back up and said "no 'magnifico' Muuuuuuy Caliente!" the crowd roared with laughter, my back was being pounded on by a very entertained table mate and I looked toward my hunny with confusion in my eyes... My very amused, English speaking table mate looked at me and after thanking me for livening up the party, asked if I knew what  I had said. Nope! Well long story short- I told a whole crowd of people that I was thankful for a veeeery horny husband!

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