Sunday, February 2, 2014

A perfect moment, complete with cider...

Occasionally everything clicks together and my eyes are opened in a new way to the magical world we live in... a few weeks ago my hunny and I found ourselves in the Spanish coastal city of Gijon for a weekend of surfing and sweet time with friends. Since my growing belly has kept me out of the waves for the last couple of months, I took to another seemingly dangerous activity- shopping! And that sweet man of mine sacrificed a pretty decent surf session one day to keep me company...

While exploring this breathtaking city my bloodhound like nose led us to an open air artisan market. Each booth was run by a local who had come into town to display their finest products for the holiday season- Heather honey, herbal soaps, pressed wild flower jewelry, hand crafted leather bags and so much more! Being California natives and having missed apple season in Oak Glen, we were thrilled to find fresh pressed cider...Yum! 
We eagerly stood watching as the man running the booth smashed his farm fresh apples laughing at our awe. We then watched the liquid gold run from the wooden spout and into a clay pot- ready to pour into a couple of to-go cups. We paid the man and continued our blissful, late afternoon walk by the ocean sipping on our fresh cider and breathing in the crisp salt air...These, yes these are the moments that linger in my mind. The positively simple, yet perfect moments when you realize just how magical this life really is!

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